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Hi, I'm Michael Dolfi.

My love of firearms started at an early age. I owe this passion to my father who is also a lifelong gun enthusiast. Some of my earliest memories consist of traveling around the Ohio Valley to numerous gun shows and flea markets. Early on my interests involved modern firearms, mostly the guns from the action movies of the 1980’s including Rambo, Predator, and of course, Die Hard. After high school, I was compelled to serve in the Armed Forces, just as my father and both grandfathers had done before me. I joined the US Marine Corps in 1996 and my MOS was 0331 Infantry Machine Gunner….go figure! 

Along the way, my interests veered from AR-15s and HKs to the realm of collectible US Military Handguns and Long arms. I spent years studying the field and amassed a world-class collection of US Military weapons. Along the way, I also developed a keen interest and knowledge base of pre-war Colt and Winchester firearms.

Throughout the year I travel to all the major collector shows including the Las Vegas Antique Arms Show, National Gun Day/Show of Shows, Ohio Gun Collectors meetings, and the annual Colt Collectors Association Show. 


I have done award-winning displays at both the Ohio Gun Collectors Association and the Colt Collectors Association.


-NRA Silver Medal for a Factory Engraved and Gold inlaid Colt National Match made in 1933

-Best of Category for my display of Colt National Match pistols at the 2021 CCA meeting in Indianapolis

-Best of Category for my Factory Engraved Colt Officer’s Model Target belonging to Dr. W.W. Babcock at the 2022 CCA convention in Charlotte.


BULL MOOSE Fine Firearms aims to provide education, advice, and world-class collectible firearms to its customers.  We only deal with top-quality investment-grade firearms. No exceptions. 

Once you become a valued customer you will have access to my knowledge base 7 days a week. I can assist you in assembling a WORLD CLASS collection.


Reach out to me directly via phone or e-mail at and provide me with an introduction to yourself and your collecting interests.

It takes two things to build a collection: Money and HELP.  I can provide the help. Most new collectors think they can spend a few hours researching guns on the internet and become experts. While this can help, there is no substitute for a seasoned collector/dealer to assist your endeavors. The collecting world is unfortunately a minefield of misrepresented guns, restored guns, and outright fakes.  Without the right help, you will most certainly make costly mistakes.


-Purchase individual guns or collections

-Consign firearms at a 15% fee

-Auction firearms via Gunbroker

-Give Advice on building collections

-Broker deals between buyers and sellers

-Travel to major Auctions for hands-on inspection of firearms

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